Pentecost – Wear Red and Celebrate with Us!

It happens fifty days after Easter, we celebrate Pentecost or Whitsunday.Flame

So Sunday, May 20, 2018 WEAR RED and come celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit with us.  Why do we celebrate? What is the importance of Pentecost?

The gift of the Holy Spirit was a rushing mighty wind heard by the apostles and when they looked up they saw flames resting above their heads.  We wear red to symbolize those flames. Symbolism in the church is a powerful tool to help us remember the great sacrifice Christ made to take away our sins.

With the gift of the Holy Spirit, the apostles were able to better tell the Gospel story embracing the ability to communicate in many different languages thus facilitating the retelling of the Gospel. I find it truly amazing how logical God’s plan is. Jesus Christ message needed to reach the multitudes and eliminating the barrier of language made that happen.

So join us this Sunday and wear your RED!