How to make a Spiritual Communion


Note: Making a “spiritual communion” is understood in the Tradition to be “extraordinary,” which just means out of the ordinary, and is not a replacement for going to Church when one is able to be there. These prayers are intended to direct our hearts toward the Liturgy of the Church even when not physically present. Geographical distance does not separate us from Christ and His Church. In this way, we receive the grace of the Eucharist, of which we can still vicariously partake when we earnestly will to be present, but are prevented. For our use, we recommend that a person watch the service online and say the following prayers when Communion is being administered. Making a Spiritual Communion (from the Traditional St. Augustine’s Prayer Book, pp 122-123). 


In the +Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Lord, I cannot seek thee On Thine altar throne, Yet I may receive thee, Weary and alone; When, before thine altar, Crowds adoring kneel, There in very essence, Thou dost come to heal. Far from Priest and Altar, Christ, to thee I cry, Come to me in spirit, Let me feel thee nigh, In my silent worship, Let me share the feast, Be thy love the altar, Be thyself the Priest. Amen.

O Most blessed Saviour, in union with the faithful at every altar of thy Church where thy blessed Body and Blood are being offered to the Father, I desire to offer thee praise and thanksgiving, I present to thee my soul and body with the earnest wish that I may always be united to thee. And since I cannot now receive thee sacramentally, I beseech thee to come spiritually into my heart; I unite myself to thee and embrace thee with all the affections of my soul. Amen.

Used with permission St. Georges Anglican Church Las Vegas, NV”

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