Lenten Service Schedule

Tuesday March 1st           Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper     6pm

Wednesday March 2nd    Ash Wednesday                    9am and 6pm                                   

  – Communion and imposition of Ashes

Beginning Friday March 11th and Continuing Fridays in Lent                    

Stations of the Cross and Soup Supper                6pm

Thursday April 14th         Maundy Thursday    – Communion       6pm

Friday April 15th             Good Friday                                      9am

and Liturgy for Good Friday and Stations of the Cross     6pm

Sunday April 17th                   EASTER Mass                                 9am

Michael McCabe to Play at Christmas Services

This year for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day mass we are blessed to have composer and organist Michael McCabe play the piano at the services.

Michael began his study of piano and organ as a child. As a student at Creighton University, McCabe was appointed university organist and choir director. During a 20 year military career, various assignments provided McCabe with unique opportunities to study with leaders in the field of Anglican church music, including Leo Sowerby, David McK. Williams, Thomas Matthews, and Dale Wood. McCabe has served numerous churches, including Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. As a published composer, McCabe was elected to ASCAP in 1972, and his ASCAP credits include NBC Television, foreign and domestic recordings, and the Stockholm and Stuttgart Music Festivals.

Michael was the principal organist at Dowd Memorial Chapel at Boys Town. He is often a guest organist here at Atonement, and you’ll often see him in the congregation.

Michael has also composed a number of works which include “Christ Baptized”. We are blessed to have him as our guest pianist this Christmas. Join us for a truly beautiful service Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

How to make a Spiritual Communion


Note: Making a “spiritual communion” is understood in the Tradition to be “extraordinary,” which just means out of the ordinary, and is not a replacement for going to Church when one is able to be there. These prayers are intended to direct our hearts toward the Liturgy of the Church even when not physically present. Geographical distance does not separate us from Christ and His Church. In this way, we receive the grace of the Eucharist, of which we can still vicariously partake when we earnestly will to be present, but are prevented. For our use, we recommend that a person watch the service online and say the following prayers when Communion is being administered. Making a Spiritual Communion (from the Traditional St. Augustine’s Prayer Book, pp 122-123). 


In the +Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Lord, I cannot seek thee On Thine altar throne, Yet I may receive thee, Weary and alone; When, before thine altar, Crowds adoring kneel, There in very essence, Thou dost come to heal. Far from Priest and Altar, Christ, to thee I cry, Come to me in spirit, Let me feel thee nigh, In my silent worship, Let me share the feast, Be thy love the altar, Be thyself the Priest. Amen.

O Most blessed Saviour, in union with the faithful at every altar of thy Church where thy blessed Body and Blood are being offered to the Father, I desire to offer thee praise and thanksgiving, I present to thee my soul and body with the earnest wish that I may always be united to thee. And since I cannot now receive thee sacramentally, I beseech thee to come spiritually into my heart; I unite myself to thee and embrace thee with all the affections of my soul. Amen.

Used with permission St. Georges Anglican Church Las Vegas, NV”

Videos and Photos

With the continued “Personal Isolation” we would like to keep us together. In doing that we are learning to embrace our online presence.

We are creating digital photo albums and pdf photo albums for your viewing pleasure of recent photos and old photos.  Those can be found via link to our Facebook page. (https://www.facebook.com/Anglican-Church-of-Atonement-105385064434924/videos/?ref=page_internal)  A link is also on our website on the photo album page. Just click the button. If you aren’t a Facebook user, contact us and we will walk you through other ways to view those photos.

We are also uploading the weekly services as the videos are created. Unfortunately, we were unable to get internet service into the church so recording the service in this method is working best. But remember we are learning, so bear with our occasional glitch or faux-pas.

With the Grace of God we will be back to our community services soon. And in the meantime we will continue to be the light of Christ and shine brightly in Fountain Hills.

Stay healthy and stay safe.


Prayer amidst COVID-19

During this time of self-quarantine and personal distancing keep our dear Lord God present. Take time to say the Morning Prayer office found in the Book of Common Prayer (page 587).

Check the Anglican Church of Atonement website often for continued updates and church services posted online in video links.

Be strong, be safe and remember God Loves and so do we here at Atonement.

Fr. John LesCallett

Shrove Tuesday PANCAKE Supper

It is that time again. Pancakes, Pancakes, and good company. Join us March 5th, at 5 pm Atonement Anglican Church for our annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper. All are welcome. This is a celebration, so come celebrate with us.

Shrove Tuesday is always the day before Ash Wednesday, which is the start of the Lenten Season. This was the day that people went to confession. The word Shrove or Shrive means absolution for sins by doing penance. For many we give up something for Lent, be it fatty foods, treats, pleasures – so consider Shrove Tuesday a reminder of the great sacrifice Christ made for us.

Historically, people would clean out their pantries and cupboards all those fatty and decadent foods in preparation for Lent so they would throw a party. In some other places, Shrove Tuesday is also called Mardi Gras, meaning Fat Tuesday. We recognize the celebrations and carnivals called Mardi Gras.