Christmas Eve – 2018

Our service begins at 6:30 with Guest Harpist, Joyce Obermeyer. Jocelyn Obermeyer

Christmas Eve Mass begins at 7:00 pm. It is one of my favorite services with Christmas hymns and candlelight.

Our church music director, Jessica Drella, will play the piano through the service. Don’t miss this beautiful service.

For more information, please call or email

Blessings – A Cross Stolen & A Cross Given

During a storm this past year our cross from the top of the roof fell over and had to be removed from the roof. Roof repairs were made and the very heavy metal cross was leaned up against the church building by the entrance.

In October the cross was stolen. It breaks the heart to think someone would steal something as symbolic as a church cross let alone right off the church property, but bad things happen.

Through the support of our roofer, Drew Schmitt, social media was used to spread the word and AZ Channel 3 Phoenix, Carissa Planalp  ( Video News Report ) a kind and generous samaritan came forward and offered to make our church a new cross. Randy Frassetto (a Surprise Fire Fighter) used pictures of the old cross and made a new metal cross in the same design.

received_2179483898930408_resizedWe can’t express our gratitude enough for the generous gift made by Randy and the Surprise Firefighter Charities.

The new cross will be blessed in a celebration service Saturday, October 15th at 10 a.m. with the reinstallation of the cross to take place at this time. Come  – be a part of the celebration.